"impact of pictures in print- and online-media"

faculty of political science Sarajevo 2012



Workshop 26. - 30. 3. 2012, "Impact of pictures in print- and online-media"

Faculty of Political Science, Journalism, Sarajevo


During an intense week the students will explore and discuss the use of photography in the current media. Pictures will be analyzed critically regarding their visual appearance and their information. We learn to evaluate, to select photographs and to find the best possible combination of text and image.


As a single picture or a series, also photographs have to transmit journalistic contents. The interaction of titel, text, caption and picture are an essential topic. Discussions with professionel photographers and journalists and visits to an editorial office will take place during the workshop.


For some exercises the students will take pictures with their own common digital cameras. There are no additional photographic skills required. Just a commitment to taking some risk.


Workshop in English for about 20 students

with dorothee-hauser.ch und koni.nordmann.ch



Workshop Program
Impact of pictures in print- and online-media
workshop sarajevo 26. - 30. march 2012.
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